House in Willcox (Pg 62)

The trip is over and it is time to get back at the project. What's next? Oh, uhh, texturing the inside walls. The boss wanted a light hawk and trowel finish. Some may not be familiar with the term "hawk and trowel" finish. It is just applying the texture using a hawk (what the mud is carried on) and trowel (what is used to spread the mud on the wall) in a random patern. This finish is very similar to many of the older plaster finishes. It is time consuming, but now that it is finished the boss is happy with it. Whew!! (wiping profusely sweating brow) It is all ready for the primer-sealer paint to be sprayed on.

The hawk and trowel used for the texture.

Close up of the texture showing the random patern.

Texture in small bedroom.

Living room textured.

Kitchen textured.

Master bedroom textured.

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