House in Willcox (Pg 3)

Next it was time to dig the leech field trenches. Due to the poor leech qualities of the soil in the area two trenches, 100' long and 11' deep are required. The next eight pictures are of the trenches and the leech lines after installation.

Distribution box and feed line.

First step of digging the leech line. I dug it 3' deep and 2' wide.

This preliminary trench of three feet deep and two feet wide was dug to make it easier to work in when placing the perferated drain lines. A wider trench for a wider body to fit in. Ha!

The trenches are dug.

The pile of dirt is what came out of the eleven foot deep trench.

Eight foot of gravel is placed in the trenches and the perf pipe is put on top of it -- level.

Perf pipe is covered with a couple of inches of gravel

Distribution lines from D-box to leech lines

Inspection port and clean out at far end of leech line

Leech lines are 25' apart. This is from the end opposite the septic tank

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