House in Willcox (Pg 41)

August has been a wet month. We can always use the rain in the desert. It does however make things interesting. The pack rats tried to come into the house to get out of the rain. Some mousers showed up and applied for the job of removing any vermin from the area. They seem to be doing a fair job considering the pay they get. Ha!

My mousers (Gopher/Bullsnakes about 4 1/2' long).

It was also unusual in August to get up to a foggy morning. The fog stayed around most of the morning.

Foggy August Morning.

Back to the house project. The garage is sheathed, roof and walls. Then the shingles were installed. Notice in the shingle starting picture two things. First the tar paper is layed out one strip at a time and then covered with shingles. This helps to keep it from being blown off by the periodic wind gusts. Second notice the square hole in the roof. It is for a skylight. Believe it or not, when you cover it with tar paper it disappears and the tar paper will not support the body weight of a man. I tested this out to see if it was true. Fortunatly the Lord has promised to watch over the foolish. He proved it as I was able to catch myself in the rafters and did not have to test the strength of the concrete floor. Ha!

Garage walls and roof sheathed.

Garage shingles started.

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