House in Willcox (Pg 44)

The first three pictures are of the first inspector (mojave green rattlesnake). It was about two and one-half feet long. It came into the garage and I saw it by the right rear tire of my truck. I got the camera and then began taking pictures of it. It was not fazed by any movements that I made. I squatted down to get a better snake's eye view and it just kept crawling toward me (second picture). The third picture is of it after I used a shovel to play with it.

Crawling into the garage.

Still coming toward me.

Last picture of inspector #1.

As stated on the previous page, a week later another inspector showed up. Working on installing some more electrical wire, I came out of the house through the kitchen door (door with the windows in it). Made a left turn and walked along the wall. At about the last window the inspector sounded off real well. Hissing and rattling like you can't believe, he really let me know he was around. Ha! As you can see in the next two pictures he was about three feet long and ready for some action. Ha!

Ready for action.

Stretching it out.

Then two days later while walking back to my humble abode another inspector showed up. He was larger than the others. He also made his presence well known. As you can see in the pictures he was also ready for action. I was also able to capture what was going on in his mind in the last picture. Ha!

Inspector number 3.

What is that he's thinking?.

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