House in Willcox (Pg 60)

All nails, screws and joints need to have joint compound applied. Over 30 bags of setting compound have been used so far. This is a process that just takes more time for the inexperienced (like me). ha! They say a good mud man is not much of a sander, but a poor mud man is a really good sander. I guess I am a really good sander. Ha! The living room, kitchen, and dining room still need more coats of joint compound applied. All other rooms are ready for sanding and then texture. The office has been sanded and is ready for texture.

First coat of joint compound.

First coat of joint compound and bullnose on corner.

Living room with first coat of joint compound.

Second coat of joint compound.

Taping ready for sanding.

All coats of compound applied and sanded ready for texture.

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