House in Willcox (Pg 68)

One day while I was installing the baseboards in the bathrooms, some friends stopped by. They had heard about a deal on some desert (Afghan or Eldrica) pine trees. They thought I might want some. At first I said no, but after they had looked at the house, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to get a couple. Away we went to get some trees. On the way I decided that four would probably be good. Upon arrival the number went up to six. After the long wait in line to purchase them, six tall ones and three shorter ones seemed like a good buy. After getting back to the house I temporarily planted the nine trees. The wind blowing through them was really relaxing. Later that night, while in the trailer, I decided that I needed some more so I called the boss and told her that I was going to go back and get some more the next day. Eight more trees were purchased, three tall ones and five shorter ones. (By the way, I had told my friends that I was going back to get some more in case they wanted some. They ordered two more, but by the time I got there to purchase the trees they had called and increased it to four. Ha)

Seventeen pine trees planted. Short ones are in front of and in the gaps of the taller ones. They form a nice windbreak for the future park area in the forground.

A rabbit really appreciated it when I watered the trees in July. Cool, clear water.

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