House in Willcox (Pg 9)

Now it's time for some more time consuming fun. Rebar is needed to reinforce the concrete so there will be less chance of cracking. I decided to put four #4 rebar in each footer. The four pieces will be supported by "stirups" made from #3 rebar. Each stirup had to be bent. Then they were assembled as shown. Tying stands were made to save my back when tying the stirups to the #4 rebar.

Stirups bent by hand -- About 90 or so

#4 Rebar placed on stands

#4 Rebar marked with red paint @ 2' intervals for location of stirups

Stirups on #4 rebar -- Ready to be tied

Stirups tied to #4 rebar

Completed rebar for the footers

More completed rebar -- These are for the beams

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