House in Willcox (Pg 8)

Well you can't live without mail. You have to be able to get all of that junk that seems to appear from nowhere. Ha! I had to put up a mailbox. Of course the mailbox mount could not just be any mailbox mount. It had to be something that would stand out.

First mailbox post

I designed and welded the post, however one important factor was not taken into consideration. The level of the road is about 18" below the dirt on the side of the road. I made the post to be the right height (41" I think) from the ground level. When I put it up it was about 41" from the ground, but was about 5' from the road. The nice but short mail lady would have had to stand on her car to reach the box, so i had to go with plan two as you will see in the next pictures. The gradually arching post was changed to a lightning bolt (I guess that is what it looks like).

Z-bend mailbox post

Another picture of the modified post

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