House in Willcox (Pg 25)

The gable ends needed to be sheathed. This was not a task that I had looked forward to doing. It was a job that was high up and the 4' x 8' pieces of sheathing are not fun to handle expecially when there is any wind. Years ago my dad had shown me how to build some make-shift scaffolding to work from. I built some for this project and they worked well with one exception. After moving them the slightest bit, make sure they are still positioned properly so they won't slip. I learned this on my own after they slipped and left me hanging from the gable truss. The boss happened to be there when this occured and was not very impressed. She did say that she was glad I had learned something in grade school, "how to swing on the monkey bars." Ha!

The scaffolding used to put the sheathing on the gable ends.

When all of the sheathing was up that I could reach from the scaffolds, I used a 14' ladder to reach the peak. The ladder was just tall enough to reach it with some stretching.

Fourteen foot ladder next to finished end.

The other end was done the same way. I decided to spare you of more pictures of the same. Ha!

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